Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes, we are in fact, crazy.

We are getting a second pup. Yup, a pup. John and I have had big dog lust for years now. And so we have succumbed and are soon to be the proud owners of a blue-brindle Great Dane puppy. We both love the breed and I have actually grown up with these gentle giants so we are prepared for the 'counter surfing' that comes along with them. He is too little to come be with us just yet , but will arrive Mid- November. Just in time for the Holiday madness.
It's a 'he'.
We are soliciting names. All suggestions will be taken into consideration. Discuss.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And, we're back

We are in the house. We LOVE the house. We keep waiting for the "real owners" to come back and thank us for our house sitting services. It is truly wonderful.
Of course there was the usual closing drama which included my being awake for 41 hours straight (I was post call), the movers arriving and the closing being scheduled simultaneously etc etc. But who cares! Photos soon to come.
I am now officially able to come up for air and begin the blogging.'s that special time of year folks! You know the one: Election Season. Getting ready to climb up on my soapbox. You may want to refrain from reading if you are easily offended.

Here is a teaser: are you a supporter of the McCain/ Palin ticket? Do you realize that a vote for this ticket is a vote for putting women who have had an abortion after being raped in JAIL? Well.... it is. No exceptions, gentle readers.
Ok. More later.
Work is fine. Still loving my job.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


There is really nothing quite like being a psych case. I worked a night shift last night, slept about 2 and 1/2 hours (pretty good really) and was unable to sleep much today. So you think I'd be out like a light. Nope. I've got one of those minds that spins and spins and spins. I work clinic tomorrow ,then it's the close/move fiasco.
Could someone hook a sister up with some ambien?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Change in status

Here is an example of what happens when you get older and fatter.

When I was a 24 year old sweet young thing with a tight little size 6 tush, pounding the pavement of NYC, I used to be approached by and flirted with by Wall Street Stock Brokers, lawyers, actors etc. And of course the ever present NYC construction worker. No more, my friends...

On Thursday I finished work and walked outside of my clinic toward my car to head home. This clinic is not in a great neighborhood and provides care to the under served of Baltimore. You get the gist. I inadvertently stepped in front of a man who had just acquired his lunch and apparently couldn't wait to get started on his fried lake trout sandwich. I excused myself, having stepped in front of his likely 300lb frame mid stride. He was wearing not the stock brokers business suit, but rather jeans that rode down to mid gluts, a wife beater t shirt that was short enough to allow me the pleasure of seeing his abdominal panus hang nearly to the level of the jeans. After letting me know this was not a problem for him (It ain't no thing, baby)he grinned, and stated emphatically: "It sure is a fine thing to see a REAL lady up in here. A FINE thing." The best part of all was that I had the pleasure of watching the lake trout being broken down in his mouth by the amylase in his saliva as he made this statement mid chew. Smacking. Swirling. Lake Trout. Very appealing.
Goodbye youth.

My best friends

The Goodwill and the city dump. These are my best friends this weekend. We are in the midst of packing hell and let me tell you, it is incredible the amount of unadulterated crap one can acquire over four years with young children. This is compounded in our case because when we moved from NY to B'More we stored boxes full of more crap for the time when we would buy our own house again. Well guess where they all went yesterday after not being open for four years. That's right. My two best friends. Goodwill and the dump. I think five trips in all. Today is more packing/tossing.

I also met one of our soon to be new neighbors yesterday. A very elderly, very adorable seemingly frail little old lady named Betty with a mighty firm handshake for someone who can't weigh more than 98 lbs soaking wet. We were over at the house doing a "drive by" (equals the Wrights stalking their new house) and she was in her doorway across the street peeking out at us curiously so we went and said hi. I think she may have cats. Many cats.

If all goes well with the tossing and packing today, the reward will be a concert n Patterson Park of Irish Music.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Closing date scheduled

It's official. We are scheduled to close on our house on Thursday 8/14 at 3:00pm. Moving on Friday early in the am. Not sure how on earth I will be packed by then and have the house cleaned out by then. Any one interested in lending a hand is more than welcome to stop by.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yawn, stretch

So when push comes to shove, (or as John's boss likes to say, "when it comes to push and shove) and it's time to pack like a mad woman, guess what I want to do.
That's right. Nap. Haven't actually had one, but that's all I really care to do.
We are very fortunate to have friends in the neighborhood who recently made a move and gave us all their boxes. This means when I get home from work each day it's time to pack. However, my mind can think of nothing but sleep.
Most likely because i don't feel like I will be getting any next week.Monday is a night shift. Fine. Thursday during the day we will likely close on the house, then it's another night shift immediately afterwards. Then Friday, we move. So, no resting in our cozy bed post call. It will be being loaded on a truck.
Sleep.... Where art thou, sleep?